sábado, 17 de enero de 2009


The food is cooked by me.

The car is drived by me.

The lesson is explained by me.


Can you eat with me tomorrow? asked she.
She asked if he could eat with she the next day.

Do you have your bedroom in order? asked his mother.
His mother asked if he had his bedroom in order.

Will we visit your parents at Christmars? asked his wife.
His wife asked if they would visit his parents at Christmas.


Don't talk to me!! said the father.
His father said him not to talk to him.

Don't forget to buy potatoes, said her husband.
her husband talk her not forget to buy potatoes.

Come here Boby! said Will.
Will said to Boby to come there.


Is a tv channel too, you can see it which TDT.

He said, I'm playind the piano.
He said, He was playing the piano.

They are working today, Elena said.
Elena said, They were working that day.

I cook for you, said she.
She said, she cooked for him.

Tomorow I start the holidays, said he.
He said, He started holidays the next day.

Today I will buy a dress for you, said your husband.
Your husband said, He would buy a dress for she.

This month I haven't no money to go out, said he.
He said, that month he hadn't no money to go out.

viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2008


My name is Juan Ibáñez Barrué, I was born in October of 1976, in Villarreal in Castellón.
I went to a school called Pio XII, which was near my house. When the classes finished, I liked playing in the street with my friends, I had some good times.
Some years afterwards I went to play football for my city team, I made good friends there.
When I finished school I worked in different factories, and I continued playing football. At weekends I couldn’t go out with my friends because I had to play matches.
I finished working in factories because football was my job. When I was 19 I bought my flat in my city near my mother’s home.
I lived in different cities where I played football, I’ve lived in Calahorra in Logroño, Alcira in Valencia, Benidorm in Alicante and Ibiza in Baleares.
When I arrived in Ibiza I continued my studies at the university.
Now I have been in Ibiza for five years, I am still studying and playing football in Santa Eularia. Everyday I go training. In winter it is harder, because the days are coulder.
I like the weather in Ibiza, always sunny. It is fantastic!!
In my free time my girlfriend and I go walking in Ibiza city. We go shopping, and we can cook too. We like cooking. Now we don`t walk in the city, because we have our first baby!!!!! Today she is 17 days old and she is a good baby. We are very happy.
In the future I am going to finish my studies I will not be a football player forever. I will work in a different job. I am going to live in Ibiza and I want to work as a teacher in a school.
I will travel more than now because I want to know other places.
So far these are my planes for the future.

Juan Ibáñez Barrué.

jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

For and since.

I have lived here for ten years.

He waited for ten minutes.

He came for three days.

I have lived here since I was ten years old.

I haven't seen him since 2005.

I need your help.

She needs a lawyer.

They need a good trainer to win the match.
Ought to

You ought to come here.

He ought to work tomorrow.

I ought to read the next book.